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Angel Falls

Rules and FAQ's

Some points for people new to Angel Falls:

Q: What is Angel Falls (AF) ?

A: Angel Falls is a fictional city that exists on DA as a common setting for our characters to meet and interact. It is Metropolis, Gotham City, Los Angeles, New York, and Shermer, Illinois all rolled into one. This group exists to create a common setting that is used for telling stories involving the characters that live there. The primary focus of this group is storytelling via visual art and text stories.


Q: Who can join Angel Falls (AF) ?

A: Any adult (18+) who wants to work with other people to share art and stories featuring a mix of characters.


Q: How do I join Angel Falls?

A: It is a 3-step process, more or less.
-First, join the group using the "Join This Group" button at the top right of the main group page.

-Second, Please Check the Three Roster Groups
HERO Angel Falls Superhero Roster by SLO by Shuma-Gorath
WILDCARD Angel Falls Wild Card Roster By SLO by Shuma-Gorath
VILLAIN Angel Falls Villain Roster By SLO by Shuma-Gorath
and leave a message in the appropriate Roster Group with your Character(s) names. Active characters will be added to the appropriate Roster Group by the Moderators.

-Third, start submitting and taking part in the group. Pictures, text, commissions, fan art, comments, ideas, anything that is related to the Angel Falls setting. For purposes of introducing new characters, we allow a maximum of three (3) generic character pictures. After that, all submissions must include some sort of content specifically relating to Angel Falls. This can be done visually in a picture or in the text description or story accompanying it. It is important that submissions be identified as Angel Falls related to ensure they are accepted into the gallery.

That's pretty much it, so join up and join the insanity that is Angel Falls.


Q: What kind of submissions does Angel Falls accept?

A: Pictures, stories, anything that DA allows and that conforms to their Terms of Service.


Q: How do I submit something to Angel Falls?

A: Submissions with Angel Falls [AF] content should be submitted to the AF gallery once you have joined the group. When you submit art or stories to your DA gallery, select the “Submit to My Groups” option and select Angel Falls. Moderators will review it for AF relevance then approve it.


Q: Where are the submissions to AF located?

A: In this groups’s featured gallery or fave folders. Complete story arcs are collected in subfolders for easier reading.


Q: How long does it take for my submissions to be approved?

A: The time varies, but usually no more than two days. Submissions have to be reviewed by moderators for Angel Falls content. Each submission must be approved by at least two moderators before it will appear in the AF gallery. You can speed the process by making sure it is clear your submission is Angel Falls related.


Q: What are the rules for Angel Falls?

A: Okay, not to get all Kim Jong-il here, but at present I only see one rule being necessary at present. That is: If you are going to feature another person’s character in your art or story, you must get permission to use said character and use them in the matter you intend. People’s right to control how their original characters are used and depicted will be respected. Violations will be removed from the group’s folder and the person will be blocked from this account, and may face further action by the character’s owner. Just because a character appears here once, do not assume that it means the owner has given blanket permission for that character to be used again. Simply put: Ask BEFORE you use anyone else’s original character. The character’s owner retains the right to approve text or pictures before you submit them. When in doubt, always ask the character’s owner before you use their character.


Q: Do I have to be part of some organized storyline to submit anything?

A: Absolutely not. Some people make want to work together on more developed storylines. While those take greater coordination, it can be done. But single scenes and smaller loose stories are just fine. The only limit is imagination.


Q: Do I have to make a character information sheet to use my character in the AF setting?

A: No, you don’t have to. But it might be helpful for other people who want to use or understand/appreciate your character. It is your choice. Any character sheets that are submitted will be gathered in a subfolder collection in the gallery for easier reading and organization.


Q: Can I submit submissions that contain adult/mature subject matter?

A: Yes, as long as they fall with DA’s guidelines and are marked mature.


Q: Can I make suggestions for things I would like to see in AF or for improvements or activities?

A: Heck yes!! Please do, this club should be about participation, this is not MY club, it is not HER club, it is not HIS club, this is OUR club! Your input isn’t just wanted, it is REQUIRED for this thing to be fun for everyone, ok?


Q: What limits are there for characters in Angel Falls.

A: Angel Falls characters are limited in physical strength to being able to lift 100 tons. Exceptions to this can occur, but must be justified and approved by the founder beforehand. People should realize that the more powerful a character is, the more limited his or her roles in storylines will be. See the example of the Golden Age Superman character for an explanation of this phenomenon. Characters who are undefeatable or who have no weaknesses or flaws are rarely interesting to other people over the long run.


Q: Who are the moderators and what do they do?

A: Moderators are volunteers who assist in screening stories to make sure they contain AF related content. They make sure the rules of the group are respected and help to decide questions that come up regarding policy or actions in Angel Falls. They do this as volunteers, receiving no pay for their service and efforts.


Q: Can members use the blog?

A: Yes, within certain limits. The AF blog is intended for announcements that affect the group as a whole. It is not for character introductions or questions. It may be used to suggest story lines or solicit participation in a storyline. Members are limited to one story line post each calendar month.

Q: What is the new Artist Showcase Folder used for?

A: To encourage artists to participate in Angel Falls without having to write stories, we have created the Artist Showcase Folder. It is used to display art done by various artists of characters that exist in Angel Falls. To have art placed in this folder, it must be an AF character who DOES NOT belong to the artist. The artist MUST HAVE PERMISSION from the character owner to submit the character to this folder. You cannot submit art of your own character(s) without the required Angel Falls related content to this folder.

Angel Falls Rosters and Directories

Angel Falls Superhero Roster by SLO by Shuma-Gorath Angel Falls Wild Card Roster By SLO by Shuma-Gorath Angel Falls Villain Roster By SLO by Shuma-Gorath

Angel Falls - Open Source Character List
Open Source Character List for Angel Falls
     This is the section for all Open Source character for the Angel Falls Setting
   In an event to keep people from having to wade through a continously growing section of character, this list is simply going to list out all the characters in the section, if you see a character you are interested in then you can simply go to the page the Bio is on.
* Angel Falls Roster - Inactive List
Hero Inactives
BSDigitalQ - Thunder Woman
Cheska Mouse - Freedom
Daemonox - Black Jack, Helix 19
Dangerman-1973 - Hyper Starlet, Ultra Starlet
Dark Necromencer - Lethal, The Missonary, Wolf
Greentailedmonkey - Shadia
Heckfire - Superienne, Samurai P-I, Zerogirl, Cyborilla, Ectogirl
HyperZergling - Lord Zirg
ImpetusKorin - Capoeira Girl
Kallsu - Kai Steel, Jeslyn, Litha
Katfood25 - Feral Kat
Katze7 - Maki Kusanagi
Montalve - Crossfire
NeoBabylon - Candy QuinBee
Paul Poser - White Venus, Red Dragon, Golden Angel
PlummyPress - Blue Beaver
Primus21 - Green Skaar
Pumpmonger - Agent Red, Apex
Soda-Can - Rocket Boy, Green Radience, Z-Girl, Energy Girl, Freedom Rain, Crowning Glory
Speedslide - Virtus
Synthya - Grace
Tartanninja - Octobriana
The Highlander - The Obliterator
The Masked Shrike - The Maske

* Please Check the Open-Source Folder for Open Source Character Bios
** If You Feel that Your Character is on this List by Mistake Please let me know ASAP.


Angel Falls Mayoral Election - Absentee Ballot 

43 deviants said Melinda Crane
8 deviants said Janet Haywood
8 deviants said Write-In Candidate
6 deviants said Samuel Adams IV
3 deviants said Matthew Williams
1 deviant said Randall Bowers
1 deviant said Pierson Haywood
1 deviant said Josef Belinski Resnicoff
1 deviant said Derrick Monroe

Weekly Stats

nothing happening
1 accepted
39 accepted, 1 denied
nothing happening
1 accepted, 1 denied
nothing happening

Monthly Stats

Group Activity

Angel Falls Chatroom

*General Chatroom*
:iconangel-fallsda: --->… <---

*Roleplaying Only Chatroom*
:iconangel-fallsda: --->… <---
Synopsis: It's the Holiday Season in Angel Falls and the Heroes and Villains all have different ways of marking these special occassions.  It could be helping the less fortunate, spending time with family, partying the night away, or robbing the local department stores of their hottest items.

Holidays include, but are not limited to, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's Eve, Veteran's Day, Kwanzaa, and Festivus (for those Seinfeld fans)

Please note me with your submissions and I will update this journal accordingly

The event runs between November 1st and December 31st

The bi-monthly events were a brainchild of discussions in the Angel Falls Chat Room.  Come visit and you never know what may happen:…


RolandGrey   A Grey Holiday Part 1The office of the latest leader of the Guardians was an opulent affair, with deep brown hardwood paneling, mahogany shelves adorned with awards, plaques and trophies and a large black walnut desk, varnished to a bright shimmer, that dominated the center of the room. A leather office chair set behind the desk with a wooden one with red velvet cushioning sat in front of it. Cedric absorbed himself in some of the military pictures, trying to see if he could place any of the figures.
He noted one image, of Jack Matthews in the famous Marine Corps Dress Blues standing next to another of the Marines’ superhero soldiers, Iron Mike, who was also in the dress uniform but was also sporting his “metal skin” power, making him look like a statue. To Mike’s credit, he looked like he was in his usual mood of irritated and put upon.
“Stroll through memory lane?” he heard Jack say as he came into the office.
“A little bit, yeah,” Grey replied as he turned
, Grey Holiday Part 2“I wish you had given me more of a heads up,” Jack said as he and Cedric walked down the corridor, “We could have maybe set up a welcoming party or something.”
“Hey, I just found out, too,” Cedric replied, his footsteps in sync with Jack’s, “My sister, Sarah?  She’s a psychic.  She uses her power to keep us all connected, and she accidentally let it slip last time she said hi, which was last night.”
“You don’t tell us much of what goes on in those conversations.”
“There’s not much to say.  Kennedy got straight A’s, his bear pooped in another kid’s lunch sack.  Dad’s been clearing out the trees knocked down by the ice storm for people.  Mom used her laser vision to cook a steak for a customer.  Roland’s teaching robots how to be more human…  It’s all really mundane stuff compared to what we usually have to deal with.”
, A Grey Holiday Part 3“I parked the jeep in the parking lot out back,” Joe Durnan explained as they started walking, “I take it this isn’t one of those ‘gotta fight, then realize we’re all on the same side’ moments?”
“Of course not!” Ms. Blitzen laughed as she scratched the back of her head, “I don’t know what would give you that idea…”
“This is my husband,” Sarah explained, “Joe’s a deputy for our local Sheriff’s office.”
“Sheriff?” Ultraman asked, “We don’t have sheriffs in this city.  How do they operate where you live?”
“Well, you have the town police, the county sheriff and the state police,” Joe said with a shrug, “That’s pretty much the hierarchy.”
“How do you deal with jurisdiction issues?”
“Mostly just defer up if there's any posturing,” Joe replied, “Hey, if the staties want to do my pa
, A Grey Holiday Part 4The Guardian Hall infirmary had very few people in it.  It was as clean and sterile, with individual chambers for the various patients who would or would not be guests of the facility.  Cedric and Randall were in one of the chambers with the comatose heroine, Thunderbird.
“This is Elizabeth,” Cedric explained, “She’s the first woman I’ve ever really felt anything for.”
“It would be in bad taste to say ‘I can see why,’ wouldn’t it?” Randall grumbled.
Though the bedspread covered her, it was still a simple matter to understand she had a nice figure.  On top of that, her face was still exposed, and there were fresh wreaths of flowers and pictures of her with other heroes and heroines, complete with little cards expressing their wishes that she get well soon.  It wasn’t difficult to tell she had a very curvy athletic figure to go with her high cheekbones and lovely dark skin tone.
“Yeah, it wo
, A Grey Holiday Part 5“Here we go,” Brandi announced as they reached the kitchen.
She opened the door for them and Roland and Joe shuffled through, followed by slavering tiny bears.  When they set the cooler down, the bears were pawing at it.
“Hey, hey,” Roland murmured, “Back off…”
He gently brushed them aside and opened the cooler, retrieving a package of dried meat.  Turning, he handed it to the caped one.
“Awesomesauce!” the little bear shouted and started flying away.
“Hey!  That’s for all of you to share!”
“Okay!” the flying bear shouted as he passed Cedric.
The eldest sibling stepped carefully around the others chasing after their friend.  He looked back at his brother and nodded to him.
“You’ve got more, right?”
“Yeah.  When you live with forty of the little bastards, you learn to portion treats out.  Here…”
Roland handed his brother another package of
, A Grey Holiday Part 6After the brief tour, Cedric helped his family find places to sleep for the night.  Randall, Charlene and Angel got a room together, Sarah, Joe, Kennedy and Snuggly got a room together, and Roland and Snuggle Purr got separate rooms.
“Are you sure it’s okay for us to cuddle with these two?” FireBrandi asked as she scratched Snowball’s head, “Aw, he’s so soft…”
“Sure,” the catgirl replied, “And I know!  He’s even softer than me!  Feel my fur!”
Snuggle held up her arm and Brandi petted it.  Sure as the catgirl said, her short brown hairs were quite soft, but not nearly as “cottony” as Snowball or Snowflake’s fur.
“Ah, that’s chinchilla for you,” she sighed.
“Chimichanga?” Snowball asked.
“No, it’s too late for food,” Brandi admonished, then tickled the little bear’s nose, “It’s time for sleep and cuddles.
, A Grey Holiday Part 7Roland Grey found Levi Baker in a supermarket.  He had come to the store to buy some spices and a few extra ingredients before the big dinner.  His friend had come with the shopping list Cedric had sent him.  The two closed and embraced each other, clapping each other’s backs in fond remembrance.
“Hey, man!” Levi laughed, “How’ve you been?”
“I’ve been good.  Got my own house, got a good business…  Life’s gotten stable for me again.”
“That’s great, man.”
They proceeded down the aisles, discussing their lives.  Grey let Baker know that Snuggle Purr had finished the last of her exams and they were just waiting for the results.  The androids were busy trying to make a living for themselves and the Gudari had practically doubled in number after a small war.
“According to Sheldon,” Roland finished explaining, “The wild-born Gudari, the Rabbit Faction, were
More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries

Life in Angel Falls

This is first part of the Updated Angel Falls Community Project started originally by Kallsu. The remainder is coming soon. PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK THIS BEFORE COMMENCING WRITING OF A STORY TO MAKE SURE THAT WHATEVER YOU NEED, PERSON OR PLACE, IS NOT ALREADY CREATED

As of 5/28/2014: Placed Information for Tartarus Superhuman Penitentiary

LiAF - City Districts                                     Life in Angel Falls – City Districts
Angel Falls is roughly divided up into several main districts: Eden Island, North Angel Falls, The Old Harbor, South Angel Falls, Downtown, West Angel Falls and The Outer Islands. These districts are further divided into various neighborhoods, describe here
* Eden Island District (High Class Luxury and Corporate Area)
  Located on the Eden Island, the Largest Island of the City of Angel Falls, this is home to the whose-who of the Rich and Famous of Angel Falls. It is also home to many of the headquarters of some of Angel Falls' major corporati
LiAF - Business LifeLife in Angel Falls – Business Edition
One of the keys to Angel Falls success has always been its entrepreneurial spirit. Angel Falls has a reputation as a city of opportunity for small business and major corporations alike. These businesses form a major part of day-to-day life in the city and the backbone of its economy.
  Local Chains
The Local Angel Falls business community has many different chains and franchises found alongside popular national businesses.
      = Angels & Demons - This local music chain has several outlets in Angel Falls. Angelic Sounds stocks an extensive selection of CDs, along with related magazines, videos, T-Shirts, and accessories. They also have a Large Downstairs Collection, of thousands of Second-Hand, Rare, Underground, Import, Bootleg and Recording Music as well, in their Main Store Location.
      = Angel Mart – Thi

LiAF - Civic LifeLife in Angel Falls – Civic Edition
Many Angel Falls residents get around by driving and the city is relatively "car friendly" although there are the occasional traffic problems, particularly in the Downtown area. Angel Falls offers several other transportation options, as well as ways of getting into and out of the metro area.
    Angel Falls Transit Authority
The city government is justifiably proud of the Angel Falls Transit Authority or AFTA. The system handles mass transit in the metropolitan area, using a combination of buses, subways, and a monorail line. The city prides itself on having a mass transit system that is efficient and in widespread use, reducing traffic congestion on the city streets. Any part of the Angel Falls metro Area is reachable by public transportation (and possibly a bit of walking). City buses run throughout the metro area with frequent stops. Angel Falls has one of the most modern and eff
LiAF - Criminal LifeLife in Angel Falls – Criminal Life
The Freedom Underworld
Although the city government doesn't like to admit it, Angel Falls isn't perfect. The city has its bad side, poor neighborhoods, gangs, organized crime, smuggling, and other troubles, just like every other major city in the world. For the most part, Angel Falls is safer than most and crime rates are relatively low. There are still parts of the city where it's dangerous to be at night, and violent crime still happens. Smuggling is a major part of crime in the city, with ships moving goods illicitly to the docks in various parts of the city. That includes drugs, weapons, and other illegal goods.
  The Freedom City Mob
The Mob has been a power in the city of Angel Falls since the early 1900s. It grew considerably during the Prohibition era, selling bootleg liquor and running speakeasies and secret gin parlors. Although the FBI and local police worked hard to bring down the powerful Mob

LiAF - Government LifeLife in Angel Falls – Government Life
Angel Falls is touted as "The City of the Future" and really tries to live up to the name with its schools.
    Public Schools
Angel Falls is divided into a number of school districts, each with public elementary, junior high, and high schools. Elementary and junior high schools are often found together in the same building, while districts sometimes share high schools. Some of the most well known Secondary Schools in Angel Falls are listed here:
      = Franklin D. Roosevelt High School – Roosevelt High is a public high school. It benefits from fairly new facilities but still has many of the same problems plaguing all American High Schools, such as drugs, violence, and legal issues. The School's faculty and staff work hard to ensure a quality level of education for their students, but often feel they are more often ca
LiAF - Law and Order EditionLife in Angel Falls – Law and Order
City Government
The Mayor and an elected city council oversee municipal affairs in Angel Falls. The City council has eight members chosen from districts throughout the city. The mayor serves as a ninth member and chairperson. City council-members and the mayor all-serve four-year terms, and half of the council seats are up for re-election every two years. There is no limit to the number of terms a councilor or mayor may serve. Although the mayor handles the day-to-day affairs of the city and acts as city manager, the city council holds the true executive power. Still, the mayor exercises considerable influence as head of the council and always casts any tie-breaking vote.
    City Hall
Builders constructed Angel Falls City Hall in a neo-classical style, with broad columns supporting the peaked roof and golden dome. The exterior of the building features beautiful carvings and relief work. Broad m

Life in Angel Falls Special Editions
LiAF Special: Tartarus Superhuman Penitentiary I1. Prisoner Classification System
   The Federal Bureau of Prisons created the following cataloging system, categorizing powered convicts and the necessary containment and power suppression protocols to minimize the threat posed by inmates.
    • Type I – Type I prisoners rely on an external energy sources or items for their powers. this includes sophisticated technology (Power armor and weaponry), unique skill sets (archery or swordplay) and magical talisman (Power Amulets, alchemical powders, animal compatriots, etc.) Stripped of these gimmicks, the prisoner is human, though potentially capable of up to Olympic-level proficiencies or attributes. Battlesuit and Gadgeteer-type criminals tend to fall into Type I classfication, though some ultra-geniuses and peak-trained physical combatants are considered Type II because they cannot be strip of their ability so readily.
    • Type II – Type II inmates rely on internal proficiencies
LiAF Special: Tartarus Superhuman Penitentiary II6. Cellblocks A-E: Type I-V Superhumans
Cellblocks sandwiched between Floor One and Floor Two are called “Gen-Pop” or General Population Units. They handle the bulk of Tartarus’s prisoners. All inmates here are male and incarcerated based on Power Level. The Prison requires that all convicts clothing bear the cellblock’s letter on the back for clear and quick identification. No Prisoner is allowed in any other cellblock, but his own (except in specific cases). While some convicts have traded clothing to sneak into other units, The Robotic COs have sophisticated Facial Recognition Software to immediately recognize convicts by face and name; The RCOs receive weekly program updates on incoming or outgoing prisoners, so they know very quickly if someone Is supposed to be there or not.
    • Cellblock A – Type I Supers
   Supervising Cellblock A is considered the safest Gen-Pop Gig in Tartarus considering most of th

Angel Falls Map
Angel Falls December 1, 2013 by TrekkieGal












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